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Josep Baqué i Company

Baqué Paintings, was founded at the beginning of 1965 in the village of Palafrugell (Girona).

Its founder, Josep Baqué i Company, decides to make his dream and set up his painting company: Baque paintings ...

From his small office he began, with great enthusiasm, enthusiasm and effort, to give a great service to the community.

In a few years he came to Private Houses, Large and Medium Businesses, Industries, Businesses, City Councils, Sports Facilities, Schools, Real Estate Agencies, Bars, Restaurants, etc.

With an ecological awareness and an improved working spirit year after year.

Daniel Baque Freixas.

He entered the family business from a very young age, with 14 years he spent the summer helping the family business

Applying the same philosophy as his father, Daniel Baqué Freixas took over from Josep when he retired there for the year 2010

Day by day, year after year Daniel has been improving the techniques his father taught him, offering his clients a great service with the
same quality offered by his father.

Daniel Baqué points out and is committed to the ecology and work spirit that his father pretended to be.

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